Dear colleagues,

First of all, I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the neurosurgery workers who joined the anti-epidemic work, and pay high tribute to the medical workers fighting on the front line during the epidemic. A sudden new crown epidemic at the turn of winter and spring led everyone to look forward toThe 9th ACCNS, which was supposed to be held in Wuhan on May 7-10 and had to be postponed.

At a critical moment in the fight against epidemics, 42,000 medical staff across the country supported Wuhan retrogressively to jointly create a heroic Wuhan. In this battle, the provinces have elaborated elaborately and exported the top doctors from the highest-level hospitals. They have gone through the difficulties with Wuhan and fought side by side with Hubei. Wuhan is grateful. Thank you for fighting for your life.

Three months have passed, and with the advent of normalized prevention and control, Wuhan has restored the city scene where the night scene along the river and the fireworks of the world are intertwined. As agreed by the organizing committee, the meeting will be held on Sep. 25-27, 2020 at China Guanggu Science and Technology Exhibition Center.

This academic event will build a platform for the global Chinese neurosurgery career to go to the world and lead the avenue of continuous innovation. At the same time, when Nirvana was reborn and lively in the city, all the colleagues who participated in the anti-epidemic work took off their tabards and returned to the place where they had fought to meet the good scenery of the two rivers and the banks again.

Welcome to Wuhan!
Welcome to The 9th ACCNS!

Prof. Yazhuo Zhang
President of the 9th Academic Congress of International Chinese Neurosurgical Sciences
President of International Chinese Federation of Neurosurgical Sciences

Prof. Ting Lei
Vice President of the 9th Academic Congress of International Chinese Neurosurgical Sciences
President of Wuhan medical Association Neurosurgery Branch
President of Neurosurgery, TongJi Hospital, TongJi Medical College of HUST

Hosted by:
International Chinese Federation of Neurosurgical Sciences (ICFNS)
Beijing Wang Chungcheng Medical Foundation (WCCMF)
Beijing Neurosurgical Institute
Organized by:
Hubei Pathophysiological Society
Hubei Neuroscience Society
Wuhan Medical Association
The Wuhan Medical Association Neurosurgical Society
Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College of HUST
Co-organized by:
Wuhan national biological industry base construction management office